1.  General

Where do I pick up (IN STORE) orders?

  • Most orders will be available for pick up same day at any Utopia location
    • 10315 W. Airport Blvd. Stafford, Tx 77477 Ste 8  (M-TH 11a-6pm & F & SA 11a-5pm. Sun closed)
  • You will receive an email or text when your order is ready to be picked up.
  • You can also catch us at one of the POP UP locations around the city. Please visit our social media page to confirm where we will be during the week. IG & FB: @synergynuvu
When will the plans be loaded?
  • It will start the same day you sign up. Go to your "scheduler" on your app or computer and select "start" you may also choose a different start date. Once you start it will automatically keep track of which day you are on. If you still do not have access to it, please contact me in the app and I will check it for you.

How long is the plan available to me?

  • It will expire at the end of your segment block unless you renew.

The plan specifies AM and PM is that when I must do it?

  • No, I just have to put a timeframe so it’s on there you can do the workout at any time during the day. If there are designed 2 workouts per day you may switch around the times if it works better for you.

If I injury myself or become ill can I complete the program when I return?

  • The program is going to run for the allotted segment block. If you need a pause, please message me on the app or email me support@synergynuvu.com and let me know how long you need the pause. Based on situation we will try to work with you.

Should I expect to lose weight each week?

  • No, your body is going to fluctuate so it is best if you look for overall changes. Also, do not weigh yourself daily it will only confuse you. Trust the plan and stick to it when weigh ins come you should see changes. The average weight loss per week is 2lbs.

I missed some days now what?

  • That is ok just pick up where you left off or you may start your program where you left off. Just keep in mind that at the end of your segment block it is either going to end or start a new program. If you want to catch up I suggest 2 workouts a day.

Once I log in will I be able to see my plan before I have to start the plan?

  • Yes, many people choose to do that especially for the nutrition.
  • If you want to see the workouts before officially starting the plan click on "workout" from your app or computer there you will have listed every workout that will occur in your plan. Keep in mind these are not in order so DO NOT follow this day by day.
  • If you want to see your nutrition click on "nutrition" there you will have all of your nutrition for the whole plan. Also, these are not in order so DO NOT follow this day by day.
  • I recommend for nutrition, looking at your "shopping list" this is a great guide especially when in the grocery store on the different foods assigned in the plan.
  • In your files section go to "assigned files" there you will see a list titled "nuvu fit food list". This is the list of all approved foods that you may substitute if you do not like the current foods listed. (visit nuvu fit food list in FAQ to learn more)
  • Your workouts and nutrition are designed together, and they are designed to build on itself. For optimal results you should follow the plan day by day by clicking "start" from the scheduler and allowing the program to run day by day.

Is Nuvu Fit a diet plan?

  • No, we are so not a diet plan. We want to help you create a lifestyle that is healthy and works for you. All of our plans are designed to allow you to pick and choose what works for you. We will simply guide you on how to do it more effectively to reach your goals.
  • Some workouts we will tell you how many reps and what weight to strive for. However, eventually we will expect that you choose your own weight and document. We want you to push yourself based on what your fitness goals are.
  • Some nutrition we will tell you what we think you should eat per meal. However, eventually we will only tell you the ounces and want you to pick from our (Nuvu Fit Food List) on what you may like and be able to build your own nutrition.
  • We believe if you do what works for you, you will stick to it for a lifetime.

2.  Nutrition

What if I do not want to follow this nutrition plan?

  • The nutrition plan is suggested not recommended so that is fine.

It is difficult to track meals using the app if you have your own meal plan what do you suggest?

  • Once you click on the nutrition you should have an option that says “no nutrition plan” click/ then select next / from there you can add your own. If you do not find an item on the approved list click my foods, press the + at the bottom and create food.

I am interested in a more macro count nutrition plan, where can I get that?

  • I have the option to do a customized plan. These plans are designed to give you the best start. Please visit the Fitness Collection and search for custom nutrition plan. I can design one for you that will target your goals. Also, check out my new fat burning plan.

What time frame should meals be eaten. I know it has meal 1,2,3. But should there be a time for the latest for food consumption etc.?

  • Meals should be no sooner than 3 hours apart and there is no set time to truly not eat. Just make sure your last meal does not have carbs and fat (unless your meal plan says so) Stick to Protein and veg.

I ate unhealthy this weekend will that affect my results?

  • Yes, but keep in mind this is a lifestyle change not a diet change. You should be able to enjoy life and still reach your goal. Do not abuse it though and go crazy but cheats and slips (in this case) are expected and ok. Just get back on track and feel free to do 1-2 more days of added cardio when you get back to it.

I have some cravings what do I do?

  • Cravings are normal its your bodies way of telling you that it is missing the unhealthy fats, salts, sugars, carbs, etc... Best thing to do is not give in. Do something different, go workout or do something that will take your mind off of it. Wait about 10min and then drink some water. Wait another 30min if you are still having these cravings then look at the guide in your file section for cravings and what you really need.

Are there cheat days?

  • NO, because there are never cheat days only cheat meals. Take your new lifestyle one meal at a time. Try to stay the course trust it will pay off. Keep in mind though, if you really have to have it then go have it. I do not want you miserable throughout this process.

How do you measure food?

  • Liquid like egg whites are to be measured in a cup and classified in ounces before cooked. If you are measuring oatmeal, cook it then place the cooked oatmeal on the scale and classify it in ounces. Food scales do not have to be fancy just be able to measure ounces.

What is the Nuvu Fit Food List?

  • This is a list that I have created with all "approved" proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fruits, and vegetables. You are able to mix and match your foods based on what you like from the list.
  • your meal plan says 4oz Cod, 3oz Asparagus, 2oz Sweet potato. If you do not like something on that assigned schedule you may look at the NFFL and choose your own Protein, Veg, and Carb. Just make sure you stick to the ounces listed. That is the only thing non-negotiable.
  • if your meal plan says 4oz Protein, 2oz Carb and 2oz Veg that means I want you to pick responsibly from the NFFL and create your own meals.
  • Nuvu Fit is about creating a lifestyle change not a diet plan, so we don't want to tell you what to eat we want to show you how to eat.

3.  Workout

What if I do not have all the equipment available to me?

  • Evaluate the plan and first determine if it is only a few items or if it is the whole plan. If it is the whole plan you might struggle with, please contact me within 7 days either by email support@synergynuvu.com or message in the app. Include your name and which level you want to switch to. I will be more than happy to help. If it is just a few items simply do the amount of reps in burpees as a substitution. Example: if you are supposed to do 5 sissy squats and you are unable, do 5 burpees in its place.

How long should each workout take?

  • On average the workouts shouldn't take longer than 1 hour. If you see you are going longer evaluate how many breaks you are taking and for how long. Keep a timer to stay on track.

Can I do cardio on my own in the morning or evening, may I workout 2 times a day?

  • Yes, you are always more than welcome to workout twice. Cardio is a perfect addition. Listen to your body and do not over do it. You are not going to reach your goal faster if you injure yourself along the way.

There are 2 workouts for today do I have to do both?

  • It is designed that you do both that day however, if you can, at minimum, do one and that would be great.

I hate working the body part you have designed; do I have to do it?

  • Yes, yes, and more yes (like school) unless you have a doctor’s note preventing you from doing it…. Get it done! You will thank me later.

For AM workout what time do you suggest the work out should me complete. / For PM workout what is the latest we should be in the gym?

  • There is no set time to workout that is all based on your schedule and what makes sense to you. Listen to your body. If you find that you can sleep because you did a workout 2 hours before than you might want to do your workout a bit earlier.

Does it matter the order I go in for the exercises? The gym is full and equipment is taken.

  • The order only matters only based on how you feel during the workout. Try not to burn the muscle group too much if that's not the workout. So if it states 1 rep bicep, then tricep, then ab don’t do all biceps in a row if the ab and tricep machines are taken. Do another workout in the prescribed muscle group.

I am not able to do the workout on a specified day what do I do?

You have built in rest days. Feel free to use your rest day as a makeup day if needed. You can also do your age in burpees if you are not able to go to the gym or complete the full workout.

Can I workout 7 days a week?

  • NO, please do not, you need to rest and your body needs to recover.

I noticed that the workouts don't explicitly call out core exercises, was that done on purpose?

  • Training core is only about stability versus the body composition. Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. Feel free to add in a 10 min ab blast if you would like no more than 3x a week. I also offer add on workout groups for $4.99 if you would like some additional work to be added on to your plan. Checks out the different add-ons in the Fitness Collection.

Is there something I can do other then the treadmill or machine for cardio?

  • For the time allotted for treadmill or cardio insert this circuit: (10 jacks. 10 high knees. 10 star jack. 10 mountain climbers. 10 burpees. Rest and repeat.) So for example if you are supposed to do treadmill for 10min. Divide that time in half so 5. Now run that circuit 5 times. If the treadmill is 20min take 20/2. Repeat 10 times. Etc.

I am substituting workouts because I do not have the same equipment is that ok?

  • Yes, that is fine as long as you are challenging yourself. Please feel to use the web for great substitute options.

What does RPM mean and what do I do if the machine I am on doesn’t have that?

  • RPM is rotation per minute. For example: a cadence of 70 means that you pedal one full complete rotation 70 times in one minute. If you cycle or cardio machine does not measure that way see if there is a level indicator. Instead of using the RPM simply take the first number and make it your level. For example: if the RPM on the plan says 70 but you only have levels simply do level 7. If it says 60 do level 6 etc.

I don't have immediate access to a sledgehammer and tire at the gyms I am using. Is there a substitute exercise for it?

  • Yes, please use dumbbells or work on a workout that targets the same muscle groups.

Do you have to setup a workout for me to record those sessions?

  • No, you may add your own workouts as you go and can even add substitutions in the workout section. So if you did an extra class of Zumba feel free to add it.

When the workout shows alternating arms is the quantity single or both arms?

  • For example: If the workout says 20 alternating dumbbell curls you will perform 20 each arm.

Does the weight listed include the machine or bar?

  • No, because so many different machines are calibrated differently it is best just to add the weight listed. Unless you know the exact weight per each equipment

Why are the reps different?

  • There is a science behind the reps and sets. Everything is calculated to achieve a goal. So if it says 21 reps it is not a typo it is meant to be 21. You may notice when the workout is set like that you will start to fatigue about 2 reps before end. If you are not you need to go heavier in weight.

4.  Supplements

Where do I get the supplements listed in the nutrition plan?

  • You may either order the ones I recommend and you can find them in the Nutrition Collection, or you can use your own supplements just know that I can only vouch for the one I have listed so be mindful of what you are using and make it as close to plan as possible. Any supplements that are recommended in your plan are suggestions not requirements.

 What is the reasoning behind the scoops?

  • That's how most shakes are measured

5.  Measurements

How often should I weigh myself?

  • Do not live by the scale it will only confuse you. I recommend only weighing yourself with the app signals you too. Weight is subjective in this process.

How often should I take progress pics?

  • Your plan will let you know when you are to take your progress pics. Simply uploaded it into the app. You will also find in the file section how to take your progress photo pictures.

6.  App

When I tried inputting my nutrition in the app it said "Unable to Save"?

  • Try logging out and logging back in. Sometimes if you close out the app and come back in it works best. You should not lose any data you have previously entered. If that doesn’t work please message me in the app. Or email me at support@synergynuvu.com.

I am unable to pull the shopping list to help with the meal plan am I doing something wrong?

  • I am starting to notice that when its placed in this program format it’s hard to see the shopping list. I think the app is only letting me upload the shopping list when I do custom plans. In the meantime while I am figuring it out please look at the file named NuvuFit food list and just shop for the approved items on that list and substitute as you need to.

I noticed it logged two sessions yesterday and today. Not sure why.

  • Sometimes the system is glitchy especially if you press send more than once. It will not affect anything.

I do not see any files.

  • Click on files then go to "assigned files" that is where we have listed the files assigned to your plan. 

7.  Social Media

If I post on social media how do I tag you?

  • Thanks for the support. Feel free to #nuvufit and #uglysweat I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Please follow us: IG & FB: @synergynuvu

8.  Allergies

Will I have any reactions to the products?

  • With the understanding that everyone reacts to things differently there are no guarantees of the effectiveness.  We highly recommend that you look at the product labeling and discuss with a medical professional prior to purchase.  You are responsible for doing your due diligence and should only take or use products at your own risk.