About Us

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. - Bill Gates

Transform your Fitness, Health and Wealth

Synergy Nuvu is a transformation company whose purpose is to add value to the world through the 7 dimensions of wellness.  

Since 2012, we have been on a mission to find that right balance of products and services to effectively transform lives.  Together with our Synergy Nuvu  Independent Affiliates, we provide top rated and world class solutions to help build the bridge between fitness goals, health solutions and streams of income wealth.  

We offer certified based training resources, and high-quality products that are all backed by research and science to ensure our customers reach their goals effectively and safely.  Our nutraceutical and slimming lines are produced in the United States. We manufacturing facilities are FDA registered to ensure the highest standards in the marketplace.  Our products have been market tested and established to be an aid to your health and wellness goals.

Our targeted weight management, energy, and fitness packages are designed to transform your life no matter which level you are on.  We also offer customized services to ensure your targeted goals are obtained through the Nuvu Fit platform or through one of our many Sponsored Athletes Programs.

With a motivational approach to wealth, we want you to reach your highest potential. Understanding the law of having a minimum of seven streams of income to build wealth and utilizing your connections of people in your communities.

Through our responsibility to the communities we serve, we believe in sowing seeds and giving back to those in need. Synergy Nuvu supports Dare2Care.Today, a non-profit initiative, where we donate and sponsor different organizations around the world.  We believe the only way to have true wealth is to help others in need.

Synergy Nuvu  has a passion for transformation on a level you never thought possible. We are the first Stream of Income Marketing company!