What is an Ugly Sweat?

by Corine Short

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Sweating is normal and everyone does it. However, not everyone achieves an Ugly Sweat and that is what we need to get rid of toxins and truly burn fat.  Every single fitness competitor, athlete, fitness buff at some point in their journey to gaining their physique had to obtain an Ugly Sweat.  


There are different types of sweat. You have sweat that come from your Aprocrine Glands this is sweat that comes from your arm pits, skin, groin and other personal areas.  This sweat typically has an order and depending on your diet may have a color. This gland is triggered by adrenaline so will typically come out when you start moving. 


The other gland is the Eprocrin Gland.This gland is also triggered by the hypothalamus that controls our emotions. Once this is triggered you may notice sweat appearing on the palms of your hand and feet.


To achieve an Ugly Sweat you are essentially tapping into your aprocrine glands. Now, achieving an Ugly Sweat does not mean you are going to lose a ton of weight because there are many factors that must take place to effectively lose weight and keep it off. Your nutrition and maintaining an active balance of cardio, aerobic, and weight training will effectively help you maintain that sexy body life. Achieving an Ugly Sweat 2-3 times a week will jump start your fat burning process.


How to achieve an EFFECTIVE Ugly Sweat?


1. Drink H20…. Yes you must keep your body fueled with the substance that it is mainly made of. If you do not drink water while trying to get an Ugly Sweat you may appear to lose weight but the moment you drink water your body weight will gain it right back. So drink water before, DURING, and after your workouts to get that healthy Ugly Sweat. Also water will also minimize the odor and bad color plus I am sure the people working out around you will appreciate it.


2. Push hard during your workouts… Even if you are weight training make sure the time you are spending in the gym is worth it. If you took the time to put on workout clothes make the effort to give it all you got. Be safe but make it count. It is not called “pretty” sweat or “cute” sweat or “I came but did nothing” sweat. It is called Ugly Sweat so get down and dirty and make it count. Sitting in a sauna is not going to do it either. It takes hard work and determination.


3. Sauna time… Yes I know what you are thinking she just said Ugly Sweat isn’t sitting in a sauna right, well this concept is not about “sitting” in a sauna it is about the toxins you release while there. So there must be a purpose to why you are in the sauna to consider it an Ugly Sweat. So how do we get rid of toxins while enjoying our sauna time? I recommend right before going into a sauna applying a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and cinnamon oil. Check out SYNERGYNUVU.COM they have a great oil just for the Ugly Sweat sauna use. You do not have to use a lot just a quick rub down on the arms and legs (whatever exposed area, not genitals) and walk into the sauna sit for about 30min. Drink plenty of water after (yep, see what I did there? That term water came up again. Lol) .


Water is the key element!


Some good toxins will be drawn out of your body and it will be awesome.Ugly Sweat is about the effort and hard work that you show on the outside while getting rid of the nasty stuff on the inside being fat and toxins.


The Ugly Sweat Gear line is all designed to help you achieve just that. So check it out and I hope you get your Ugly Sweat going. www.SynergyNuvu.com