Rewards Program

Synergy Nuvu is not your traditional rewards program, in fact it is far better! Synergy Nuvu is a SOIM created for the influencer to receive rewards for their recommendations of the products they love, without the expensive of inventory.

Why did we open up our company to allow reward incentives? With the growing population of social media influencers we know that your recommendations matter.  We value your ratings and we value you referring people to our products and services.  With so many product companies out there clearly, finding the right company to affiliate with is the trend of the future .

What is Stream of Income Model (SOIM)? It is a hybrid of Direct Selling with Affiliate Marketing focused on providing profit residual rewards. You receive discounts on products and cash back from your efforts. 

Why, though is (SOIM) a good idea? The answers are simple. By building a business based on promoting a product or service you are generating repeated sales, that build a profit stream of income. This means even if you don’t go to work every single day, there are still people you have influenced in your community that may purchase based on your recommendation. In addition, any person you introduce this opportunity to you will receive revenue for your referral.

Through our (SOIM) program we empower influencers to engage others with similar interest of fitness, health and wealth. Our influencers success comes down to partnerships - we want to offer products and services that maintain industry standards so you can reach new audiences and transform lives with new purchases. Our solution creates an organic strategy that delivers proven stream of income revenue.

How is this different from the MLM? We do not require you to maintain inventory. We do not give more credits when you enroll anyone. We do not cap off how many people you can invite to affiliate with us. We do not operate in the get three, teach three, and grow three model. We do not promise large returns. We DO offer referral bonus because you invited someone to affiliate. We DO allow you to pick points over cash back rewards. We do offer cash back rewards from every customer that purchases using your code. We DO give you the chance to add another stream of income into your portfolio even if it's $5 or $5,000+ a month. You are already recommending the products why not finally receive cash back every time someone valued your review and decided to purchase the product??